What Our Students Are Saying

What a wonderful group of women. I originally bought a Groupon deal for pole class to try it out, I was very nervous at first because I didn't consider myself very sensual or "sexy" ... but I am so glad I tried it. I have successfully completed my Groupon package and just HAD to sign up again. These ladies are so empowering and fun, they really helped me come out of my shell and try something new that I might have never tried AND I was able to make friends throughout the whole process. So happy to have found this place. -Jackie "Jaxxx" L.

Last fall I finally got the courage to try a pole fitness and sensuality dance class and I’m so glad I did! The classes are excellent and have really helped build my confidence. Nik is an amazing dancer and instructor!! Absolutely the best!- Beth "Pumkin Spice" B.

House of Luxurieux is the perfect place to try new and exciting things. I am excited that I have found a place to feel comfortable learning new skills - not only pole fitness and sensuality dance, but I am learning to be more personal confidence with my sensual/sexy side. The instructor and owner Nik is extremely talented and has a lot of knowledge to share and has become a great friend as have the other ladies in the classes. I am excited to have found House of Luxurieux and can’t wait to learn more and try something different every week!             - Akiya "Sweet Pea" J.

Two months ago I started pole fitness at House of Luxurieux and it's been the best experience!! It's so fun, challenging, encouraging, rewarding, and confidence building! I thought it would be a good time when I signed up but it's so much more than I expected! Alyssa is so supportive and wonderful! Couldn't ask for a better instructor! Pole day is truly my favorite day of the week! There's always something new to learn and it's such a blast! Don't feel nervous to sign up! It's a judgment free zone and everyone is encouraging and on your side!     - Dana "Lady D" S.


To our House of Lux Family and future family,

WE MISS YOU!!!!! We hope that everyone is staying safe out there.


We are excited to get back to our normal sexy fitness routine, however, the safety of our staff and students come first. We are still unsure of an exact date at this time but will send out an email to notify all of our current students upon doing so. As for our new/ first time students, please send an email to info@houseoflux.net to get on our contact list to be notified about when classes are able to resume.

Please stay safe and thank you so much for your patience and understanding. 

Nik & The House of Luxurieux Team